The COST Action Geothermal-DHC was able to support the 2nd European Underground Energy Storage Workshop, organized by ENeRG, with a dedicated session on the topic: Underground Thermal Energy Storage Systems on 24th of May.

Geothermal-DHC supports the 2nd European Energy Storage Workshop with a session on Underground Thermal Energy Storage Systems



The COST Action Geothermal-DHC is planning to support various types of grants for the period until end of October 2023

On behalf of the COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC, I cordially invite you to deliver an offer concerning the design and production of a set of promotional materials and Action related illustrations and icons to be included in the existing web portal

INFO-GEOTHERMAL project & COST Action CA18219 Geothermal-DHC present the Summer School 2023 on "Advances in developing geothermal resources for heating, cooling and electricity production"



Philippe Dumas, Madeline Vander Velde 1, 1EGEC Geothermal, 2 place du champ de mars, Belgium-1050 Brussels

Maja Turnsek1 and William Nibbs2 1izr. prof. dr. Maja Turnšek, Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism, University of Maribor, Slovenia 2PhD Student, Energy and Sustainability James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK

Dr. M.Bloemendal1,2, Prof. Dr. P.J.Vardon1 1Delft University of Technology 2KWR water research institute